flying solo, the right way.
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meet Vadym.
as a first generation post soviet immigrant, vadym advises to not let him near your parents and/or kids. also, don't let him pick the music for a car ride. Don't ask his opinions on pretty much anything if you are not ready to take a deep dive into unpopular opinions, inappropriate jokes and references, fuel for an existential crisis and reasons to start wearing nothing but black. Nothing stops Vadym in the search of truth and exploration of everything in front of him.

meet jodi.
jodi is proud to have grown up in meth capital of america, yet she typically likes to mostly ignore that from her childhood. jodi met vadym at their romantic yet miserable job at six flags st. louis back in 2014 and they have been inseperable ever since. you will probably never see jodi on the show because she tries to avoid the camera as much as possible. plus, she's not a good debater anyway. with a background in graphic design, jodi clicks a few buttons and makes all the post-production and marketing magic happen. 

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